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Explore Sitka:

Alaska Storytellers

Hours: Check website for show schedule

A 30-minute, dynamic performance that highlights hundreds of years of Sitka’s history through dance, art and narrative, delving deep into the time the Russians came to Alaska and made Sitka the Capital of Russian America. Exploration, tension, battles, political maneuvering, and Alaska’s first steps in creating civil rights laws are covered in a unique, entertaining and insightful way, through the eyes of a narrator that everyone can relate to. Suitable for all ages. Kids under 10 are free! Performances are mainly held at Harrigan Centennial Hall, the shuttle drop-off site and visitor center for most cruise ship visitors, and showtimes are set to accommodate cruise schedules.

Note: Occasionally we perform in other venues.

Sheldon Jackson Museum

907-747-8981104 College Drive

Sheldon Jackson Museum houses an exceptional collection of Alaska Native ethnographic material gathered by Presbyterian missionary and General Agent of Education for Alaska, the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Jackson.

Sitka National Historical Park

106 Metlakatla Street

Take a stroll through Sitka’s rich history at this scenic 107-acre park. Sitka National Historical Park hosts a collection of Haida and Tlingit totem poles, an exhibit of Tlingit and Russian artifacts, and an active Tlingit arts studio where the public can watch and talk to local Alaskan Native Indian artists.

St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral

907-747-8120240 Lincoln Street

St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a touchstone of Sitka’s downtown architecture. Tour the cathedral’s important collection of Russian Orthodox art and rare church treasures. 

Baranof Castle Hill

907-747-6249100 Lincoln Street

Step into Sitka’s past and visit the Baranof’s Castle Hill site where the transfer of Alaska to the United States took place.

Naa Kahidi Dancers

907-747-7137200 Katlian Street

The Tlingit Dancers perform in connection with Sitka Tribal Tours at the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House. Witness an ancient Tlingit tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Fortress of the Bear

907-747-30324639 Sawmill Creek Road

Fortress of the Bear is an education and rescue center for orphaned brown bear cubs. The center’s three-quarter-acre exhibit replicates the Southeast Alaska brown bear habitat. View these incredible animals as they are in their natural habitat. 

Sitka Sound Science Center

907-747-8878834 Lincoln Street

Experience the spectacular diversity of the many amazing marine creatures that thrive in the waters surrounding Sitka. Sitka Sound Science Center hosts an 800-gallon Wall of Water exhibit, touch tanks, and more. Spend your day immersed in the vibrant and varied world of Sitka’s marine environment. Fun for all ages! 

Alaska Raptor Center

907-747-86621000 Raptor Way

A pioneering wildlife project, the Raptor Center is a refugee and rehabilitation center for Alaska’s injured raptors. One of Sitka’s most popular attractions, visitors are welcome at the Raptor Center’s expanded facility and flight barn.

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