As the year comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey Sitka Travel has taken and how incredibly thankful we are! It has been a year of tremendous growth, expansion, and community spirit, as we wrap up another year of making memories. We’re celebrating our successes, our wonderful guests and the beautiful town we get to share with so many. We look forward to the hosting new and past guests along with the exciting opportunities and possibilities coming in 2024.

Sitka Travel extends heartfelt gratitude to its growing community of vacation rentals and the homeowners who have entrusted their properties with our Sitka Travel Team.

With over 2,000 check-ins this year, Sitka Travel welcomes new and returning guests, cherishing the memories created within this vibrant community.

We’re grateful for our hardworking team that works every day to make our rentals a great place to stay and play. Their collective efforts have transformed Sitka Travel into a thriving vacation rental company, where every encounter is imbued with warmth and graciousness.

We’re also very grateful to experience Sitka’s unique charm through its upcoming events, which promise to make the next year truly exceptional.

Stay tuned for the full lineup of new and returning vacation rentals in 2024!

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