There’s a whisper of the south moving through the Sutton. A boutique studio set in the heart of a town buzzing with energy. The Georgie, a newly minted jewel in this crown, exudes a modern coastal charm. It’s the kind of vacation rental that speaks to solo travelers and couples seeking a temporary haven—a space not just for sleeping, but for soaking in style, luxury, and a touch of moody coastal weather from across the ocean.

The Georgie is more than a sum of its parts; it’s the intricate detailing that supplies an aesthetic canvas one can live and breathe within. The moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a fusion of southern-style comfort and a contemporary spirit, with earthy palettes washed with the subtle hues of the Sitkan coast.

The kitchen, compact and modern, anticipates the needs of the self-catering traveler. Equipped with a mini refrigerator, microwave, electric tea kettle and a Keurig for brewing a morning espresso.

Staying at The Georgie offers an immediate connection to Sitka’s vibrant downtown life. Walk out your front door into the city’s rhythm—a kaleidoscope of shops, markets, and the occasional street musician.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental that offers both privacy and camaraderie, then look no further than our Georgie and Ressa suites. With its spacious layout and luxurious amenities, these suites are the perfect fit for those who want their own space while still being close to their travel companions. Next door to The Georgie, you’ll find our Ressa suite – the ideal compliment to your group’s stay.


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