Planning a girls’ evening, we were on the lookout for a property that not only offered a luxurious stay but also the versatility to host private events. The Ressa checked all the boxes. The highlight of our stay was the beauty consultation provided by Sitka Beauty. Having a professional consult on various beauty treatments in the comfort of our temporary home elevated the whole experience, making it personal, intimate, and incredibly fun.

The interior of The Ressa radiates warmth and comfort, with tasteful decorations that make you feel at home the moment you step in. The blend of modern amenities within such a welcoming atmosphere was exactly what we needed for a night of pampering and catching up.

 It’s worth noting the variety of amenities available. Whether it’s the fully equipped kitchen that allows you to prepare snacks with ease, the comfortable seating areas for your group gatherings, or sitting and looking out at the serene views during moments of quiet conversation, The Ressa had it all.

This unique aspect of our stay deserves a separate mention. The team from Sitka Beauty was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly patient, offering consultations that were tailored to our individual needs and interests. This personalized service added an exclusive touch to our evening, making us feel truly pampered.

The Ressa vacation rental offered us not just a place to stay, but an experience that was memorable and enriching. It was the ideal backdrop for our girls’ evening, facilitating both the joyful reunion of old friends and the tranquil retreat we all needed from our daily routines. The seamless combination of luxury lodging with bespoke beauty consultations by Sitka Beauty ensured that our time spent here was nothing short of perfect.

Our stay at The Ressa was an unequivocal success. For anyone looking to plan a similar retreat or simply in search of a peaceful, yet luxurious getaway, The Ressa promises an exceptional stay. It’s not often that a vacation rental manages to surpass expectations on nearly every front, but The Ressa does just that. Here’s to more unforgettable memories at The Ressa with friends and loved ones.