Nestled in the southeast of Alaska’s Panhandle lies stunning Sitka, a town largely embraced for its plentiful natural resources and breathtaking geographic features. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers who find the world’s finest landscapes and wildlife. One of the best ways to explore the beauty of this charming island is through Harbor Air Services. Go on an aerial tour of Sitka and witness its rugged mountains, pristine forests, crystal clear waters and experience a whole new perspective of the island.

Harbor Air Services offers exceptional air excursions that will give you a different perspective of Sitka. The customized aviation provider prides itself on delivering high-quality air tours and air taxi services to Sitka and its surrounding areas. Consult the team to plan a personalized adventure and enjoy stunning views from above.

The advantages of a sightseeing tour by plane are numerous. First, you can see more in a shorter amount of time. A plane can cover a lot of ground quickly, and with the ability to fly low and slow, you get a unique perspective not possible from the ground. Second, it’s a comfortable experience. In a small plane, the panoramic views come to you, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Finally, it’s a unique opportunity to see Sitka in a way only a few people get to experience. From the air, you can see the stunning landscape that surrounds the town, including the volcanoes, forests, lakes, and rivers.

On the tour, you will get a bird’s eye view of some of the most captivating views in Southeast Alaska. Mt Edgecumbe volcano and Japonski Island are a must-see from above. As you fly over, you can see the crater from a past volcanic eruption. It’s an unmissable sight, and something you will never forget. The experience of seeing the volcano from the air is a surreal feeling as you realize the true magnitude of the massive volcano.

But the tour is not just about volcanoes and mountains. Besides the tour of Mt Edgecumbe volcano and Japonski Island, there is also a chance to see some of the most beautiful and serene sights in Alaska. Harbor Air Services provides air taxi services to Tenakee Springs, Lake Eva and Baranof Warm Springs, just to name a few. The crystal-clear water, surrounding mountains, and small, secluded beaches make this one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southeast Alaska.

Harbor Air Services tours offer a new perspective on the natural beauty of Sitka and surrounding areas. Taking a Harbor Air Services tour is a great way to experience the town’s natural beauty in a short amount of time, allowing you to take in stunning views that not many people get to see. The tour of Mt Edgecumbe volcano, Baranof Island and neighboring glaciers are a must-see when visiting Sitka. The experience of seeing Sitka from above will create lasting memories that you will never forget. Book your tour with Harbor Air Services today for an unforgettable experience in Southeast Alaska.