Booking your Dream Stay in Sitka, Alaska all starts with TIMING!! The trick is to book far in advance – 8 or more months in advance or even a year in advance for more popular vacation rentals to ensure you get your desired dates!

If you’re unsure of the best locations to stay or the offerings at each rental, give our customer service office a call. They are here to help ensure you get the rental you desire with the amenities that are most important to you.

More Booking Tips:

  • For larger groups our larger vacation rentals and excursions fill up quickly – so get on it!


  • Also think about Sitka’s weather patterns. Traditionally May through July we don’t see as much rain which makes it an ideal time to explore the island.


  • If you’re looking to experience Sitka at a not so busy time, mid September is also a great time to visit the town. Excursions are still operating however tourism has slowed down. And bonus there may be pop up deals this time of year!


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