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Peril Sky

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Face Alaska’s seas with RJ Miller, as seen on National Geographic’s documentary ‘Life Below Zero: Next Generation’, and his crew on a fishing excursion, or utilize one of their many other services including water taxis, guided duck hunts, or wildlife viewing expeditions and lodging.

Sitka Sea Level Adventures

Experience the Best of Sitka at Sea Level! As a lifelong Sitkan, Captain Jaren has intimate knowledge of Sitka Sound, its wildlife, fishing tricks, and of course, the local best kept secrets. Now booking Wild Alaskan Salmon fishing charters, wildlife viewing tours, and water taxi services!

Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures

(907) 752-0660Blue Bus in Harrigan Centennial Hall Parking Lot

With over 25 years of experience exploring the pristine waters of Sitka, Alaska, Sike Sound Ocean Adventures offers world-class guided sea kayak tours for all ages and levels. Their welcoming attitude and sense of adventure make each tour a unique Alaska experience.

Sheldon Jackson Museum

907-747-8981104 College Drive

Sheldon Jackson Museum houses an exceptional collection of Alaska Native ethnographic material gathered by Presbyterian missionary and General Agent of Education for Alaska, the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Jackson.

Sitka National Historical Park

106 Metlakatla Street

Take a stroll through Sitka’s rich history at this scenic 107-acre park. Sitka National Historical Park hosts a collection of Haida and Tlingit totem poles, an exhibit of Tlingit and Russian artifacts, and an active Tlingit arts studio where the public can watch and talk to local Alaskan Native Indian artists.

St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral

907-747-8120240 Lincoln Street

St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a touchstone of Sitka’s downtown architecture. Tour the cathedral’s important collection of Russian Orthodox art and rare church treasures. 

Baranof Castle Hill

907-747-6249100 Lincoln Street

Step into Sitka’s past and visit the Baranof’s Castle Hill site where the transfer of Alaska to the United States took place.

Naa Kahidi Dancers

907-747-7137200 Katlian Street

The Tlingit Dancers perform in connection with Sitka Tribal Tours at the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House. Witness an ancient Tlingit tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Fortress of the Bear

907-747-30324639 Sawmill Creek Road

Fortress of the Bear is an education and rescue center for orphaned brown bear cubs. The center’s three-quarter-acre exhibit replicates the Southeast Alaska brown bear habitat. View these incredible animals as they are in their natural habitat. 

Sitka Artisans Market

Dates: TBD

Experience this spirited and creative artisan market where Sitka’s best artists and artisans showcase their work.

Native American Heritage Month

Dates: November

Sitka recognizes Native American Heritage Month to honor and recognize the indigenous people of our Nation and state. In Southeast Alaska, the rich cultures of Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and Eyak are celebrated.

Sitka Whalefest

Dates: November

Sitka Whalefest celebrates marine life and the marine environment during a weekend of education and community. Enjoy the event’s presentations, day cruises, artisan market, student sessions, and more!

Alaska Day Festival

Dates: October 18, 2022

The Alaska Day Festival commemorates the transfer of Russia’s Alaska claim to the United States. The historic moment took place in Sitka and is celebrated each year with merriment and music galore.

Sitka Wearable Art Show

Dates: February

Take in a captivating and creating show, with Sitka’s annual wearable arts show. Where community members take on the challenge of creating handmade fashion pieces to present. A night of laughter and stunning design. This event is one for the books.

Mudball Classic Softball Tournament

Dates: September

Softball teams from around the country flock to Sitka for this unique and exciting Labor Day tournament. 

Sitka Mermaid Festival

Dates: August dates to be determined

Become “a voice for the sea” at this annual week-long festival. Dive into the whimsy of this mermaid themed event that hosts ocean-themed activities while providing environmental awareness education. 

Change your Latitude, Open Water Challenge

Dates: August

Takes part in one of the world’s northernmost open ocean races. The event hosts solo and relay competitions. For more details and course information visit their website.

The Uncommon Music Festival

Dates: August

This annual chamber music festival is dedicated to classical music and the community it creates. Take part in one of their workshops, or enjoy a concert in the woods. This event is free of charge.

Sitka Arts and Science Festival

Dates: July and August

Take part in a celebration of arts and science. An exciting event that showcases the importance of learning and discovery.

Alpine Adventure Run

Dates: July

Take part in Sitka’s annual Alpine Adventure Run. A 7-mile long course that traverses the breathtaking Harbor Mt. Ridge Trail. A one-of-a-kind adventure that will further connect you to the community of Sitka! 

Fourth of July Celebration

Dates: July 4th annually

Visiting Sitka over the Fourth of July is a real treat! Enjoy grand firework displays, business decorating contests, a parade, and a town-wide celebration.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Sitka Fine Arts Camp offers Alaskan youth throughout the State high-quality arts education and training. Student concerts and performances are held throughout the summer during the program’s season.

Sitka Summer Music Festival

This four-week event brings world-class musicians together for 24 concerts and events hosted in various locations throughout Sitka.

Sitka Salmon Derby

Dates: The weekend of and after Memorial Day

Spend your long weekend reeling in a prize-winning catch! Fun for the whole family, this event is truly unforgettable.

Ocean Wave Quilters Guild Show

Dates: May

Sitka’s Annual Quilt Show, this event occurs every May and is fun for the whole family! Take part in the viewer choice awards and determine whose quilt stands out the most. All proceeds and sales from the auctions are donated to community-based projects.

Spring Art Walk

Dates: Dates to be determined

The Spring Art Walk is a time to experience Sitka’s talented community of artists and their works.

Sitka’s Herring Run

Dates: Typically occurs between March and April

The Sitka herring run is a natural wonder to witness. A time of regeneration for the community and surrounding wildlife. During this time, schools of silver bellied herring churn up the waters of Sitka Sound. The run usually occurs between March and April. 

Sitka Jazz Festival

Dates: February

Enjoy one of Sitka’s biggest events of the year. A three-day jazz festival that features great jazz players from around the country and offers music clinics for participating students.

Russian Christmas and Starring

St. Michael’s Cathedral Dates: January

Experience Sitka’s Russian culture and take part in the week-long celebration of Russian Christmas.

Sitka Sound Tours


Let Sitka Sound Tour’s knowledgeable Captain and Biologist guide you through a bevy of majestic mountains, ancient volcanoes, towering caves, and miles of ocean teeming with migrating humpback whales, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, rafts of sea otters, lumbering brown bears, and perched bald eagles. Sitka Sound Tours provides you with unforgettable memories for your once in a lifetime trip to Alaska.

Sitka Checkered Tours


Classic 1973 Checkered Marathon car, offering Sitka tours for 1 – 5 passengers. Sit back and let the stunning sights and exciting stories of Sitka’s past inspire you. You’ll learn about the local Tlingit Tribe and their 10,000 years of history, delve into the Russian American period, and hear about Sitka’s ties to WWII. Experience this eclectic and welcoming town’s past and present all in one day. 

Sitka Fish Outfitters


Sitka Fish Outfitters offers fly-out and boating guided fishing trips. Whether half-day, full-day, or multi-day, let their team of guides helps build your custom experience. Fly-fish and spin-fish on the rivers around Sitka for steelhead, salmon, char, and trout, or head out to sea for salmon, rockfish, and lingcod in the saltwater

Sitka Trail Works

907-747-7244801 Halibut Point Road

Sitka Trailworks, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the development, maintenance, and promotion of Sitka area trails. Occasional guided hikes, maps, volunteer trail maintenance, and special events are offered throughout the summer. Visit our website for more information.

Ghosts of Historic Sitka

(907) 738-1743

Ghosts of Historic Sitka explores the grim and ghastly tales that haunt Sitka’s past. Journey with Haunted Sitka through the back passages of town on this easeful 90-minute walking tour.

Sitka Self Charters

907-738-9090712 Lake Street

Sitka Self Charters is your premier boat rental resource. Explore the beautiful waterways of Sitka Sound, unsupervised. Bring your seabound adventures to life with Sitka Self Charter! 

The Sitka Cycling Club

907-747-6317329 Harbor Drive, Suite 101

The Sitka Cycling Club offers a full-service bike shop with daily or weekly bike rentals and is conveniently located in the downtown area, just across from Harrigan Centennial Hall. Tour Sitka by bike and travel with ease while immersing yourself in the town’s beautiful scenery.

Alaska ATV Tours (Sitka)

907-966-2301105 B Monastery Street

Take a thrilling ride through Sitka’s rugged Tongass National Forest, cruising remote beaches and spotting the abundance of wildlife that calls this environment home. A unique experience for all ages! 

Sitka Zodiac Adventures

907-738-4123330 Harbor Drive

Sitka Zodiac Adventures puts you in the driver’s seat. Step out of the crowd and into the shoes of a Southeast Alaskan, captaining your own boat through Sitka Sound. Follow our local guides on this boat tour as they lead you along the beautiful and rugged Alaska coastline and into pristine bays. Take to the sea and enjoy this intimate excursion with your favorite travel companions!  

Ocean Raft Adventures

907-966-2301105B Monastery Street

Pacific Ocean Thrill Ride – Volcano coast exploration by ocean raft. An ocean rafting adventure is a perfect way to make your visit to Sitka exciting and unforgettable. You will be equipped with state of the art gear for this extreme adventure. Up to 50 mph fun on the waves in the open seating of Adventure Raft. Watch for whales and sea otters on your way to explore the ravaged volcanic coastline of Kruzof Island.

A Whale’s Song Expedition


A Whale’s Song Expeditions are here to ensure your Alaskan adventure is not only exciting but educational. Their whale and wildlife viewing tours are naturalist-led and designed to enhance your awareness of whales, marine wildlife, and their habitat. They also offer customized photography tours where their photo experts help you capture inspiring and frame-worthy images. Experience the bounty that Sitka’s wildlife and landscapes have to offer. 

Sitka Alaska Outfitters

(907) 966 2301

Sitka Alaska Outfitters is your source for guided outdoor excursions. Experience the thrill of reeling in a King salmon or catching a Coho on the fly. Choose from a number of freshwater and saltwater recreational fishing trips and experience an ultimate Alaska adventure. 

Sitka Sound Science Center

907-747-8878834 Lincoln Street

Experience the spectacular diversity of the many amazing marine creatures that thrive in the waters surrounding Sitka. Sitka Sound Science Center hosts an 800-gallon Wall of Water exhibit, touch tanks, and more. Spend your day immersed in the vibrant and varied world of Sitka’s marine environment. Fun for all ages! 

Alaska Raptor Center

907-747-86621000 Raptor Way

A pioneering wildlife project, the Raptor Center is a refugee and rehabilitation center for Alaska’s injured raptors. One of Sitka’s most popular attractions, visitors are welcome at the Raptor Center’s expanded facility and flight barn.

Allen Marine Tours Alaska Wildlife Tours & Water Taxi


Enjoy the scenic wonders of Sitka Sound aboard Allen Marine’s, a 31-foot vessel with a fully enclosed head, heated cabin, and covered deck. Create your own adventure as you search for whales, sea otters, sea lions, and witness the thousands of nesting marine birds and eagles that call Sitka Sound their home. Allen Marine also offers fishing charters and transportation for wildlife photographers, kayakers, campers, and backcountry hikers.

Classic Casting Adventures


Flyfish Sitka’s rivers with Classic Casting Adventures. They offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day guided fishing trips. Fish for steelhead, salmon, trout, and char. Saltwater trips are also available for fishing salmon, rockfish, and lingcod.