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Welcome to Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks. Sitka Sound offers one of the most varied kayaking environments on earth. Temperate rainforest tumbles down from sheer and stunning peaks to vanish into some of the clearest water in the 7 seas.

Our passion, and profession is to provide exclusive, immersive kayaking experiences in this piece of paradise. Whether you would like a local day kayak-tour of any length up to 6 hours or a water taxi shuttle to support exploration of a more remote site, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen.

We call it the Wild Coast because it is, and Sitka IS the heart of it. There are no roads to get here and before air travel the road was the water. For us it still is. Come with us and explore the pristine and abundant life found in the unparalleled beauty of this place where the land, sea and sky join.

The Details

Guided Experiences

Local Day Tours:

Explore Sitka Sound islands, reefs and secret passes for up to 6 hours.

Guided Cost: $350.00 for 1 person, $100.00 per person extra over that, up to 8 total. 

Water Taxi – supported Day Tours:

HOT SPRINGS ANYONE? For those looking to go a step or three deeper into the wilds, we can provide you with a shuttle service out to a more distant location from which you can paddle back to Sitka or be picked up again. Sites you may visit include Goddard Hot Springs, the Tiegud Islands, Redoubt Falls, ancient canoe-landing sites and “The Black Pass”.

These exceptional tours are facilitated by one of three local boat operators whose knowledge and experience of local landings, tides and conditions is commiserate with our standard of quality. They operate boats kept in top condition and are the only operators we work with. Booking dependent on operator availability.

Every tour is UNIQUE.

Water Taxi Cost: Dependent on distance from Sitka; begins at $350.00 for 2, additional $25.00 per person extra. Six person maximum.

Hot springs r/t approximately $1,200.00 depending on operator.

**Water taxi cost is separate from kayak and guide costs**


Kayak Rental

Rentals are available only to experienced paddlers who can verify with the owner, their history of paddling proper sea kayaks in open water.

Cost $100.00 per person, per day. Includes all gear including first aid, safety and emergency communication device.

NOTE: All of our equipment is top of the line and is new or kept in new/almost new condition.

Meet Your Guide

Michael is the areas most experienced kayaking guide. He has international experience and training spanning over 25 years. See the routes you will never find without local knowledge and go with someone with expertise in all aspects of safety and paddle skills whose background in folklore provides you with the intimate, natural and cultural history of the area.

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