Private Island Tour

Experience the epitome of luxury with our Private Island Experience on Mertz Island of Misfit Toys. Your adventure begins the moment we greet your party, ready to embark on a journey aboard the sleek Yukon Cornelius—a modern heated vessel designed for comfort and style.

The Details

As we navigate through the enchanting islands of Sitka Sound, your eyes will be drawn to the dance of whales in the distance and the playful antics of otters fishing amidst the waves and sunbathing sea lions basking in the coastal sun. The tour unfolds as an exploration of the Sitka Sound and its surrounding regions, with the flexibility to adapt to the day’s ocean conditions.

Depending on nature’s whims, you may observe brown bears and their adorable cubs feasting along the shores or venturing out to St Lazaria for an encounter with charming puffins. The journey’s highlight awaits on Mertz Island, a secluded paradise in a teal-colored, starfish-filled cove.

Upon disembarking, a tranquil boardwalk leads you through the enchanting forest to the private West Beach. Here, a gourmet picnic lunch crafted to perfection awaits. Indulge in handcrafted sandwiches, homemade dips, and tantalizing tapas, all served on the deck overlooking the crashing waves and the serene beauty of the surrounding forest.

After your delightful picnic, the island beckons you to explore its many treasures. Choose to hike on one of the forest trails crisscrossing the island. Follow the Valley Trail to the North shell-covered Beach, where you can search for treasures like sea glass and abalone shells left behind by resident otters. Climb the trail to Cathedral Point for a bird’s-eye view of Sitka Sound, witnessing the bustling activity of commercial fishing vessels below. Wander onto the rocks, feel the power of the ocean, and watch salmon leaping.

Additional Details

Head back to the cabin in the cove and borrow a paddle-board or kayak for a peaceful float, gazing into the water for starfish, crabs, and the occasional harbor seal. Look upwards to spot American bald eagles overhead. 

Then, gather back at the beach for a campfire, where you can create your own version of gourmet s’mores, choosing from an array of fancy chocolates, cookies, drizzles, dips, and homemade marshmallows.

The island is all yours—true isolation, a place to escape for the day. No crowds, no noise—just you and your favorite people on your private island. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, birthday, or proposal. We can customize the trip to accommodate your special wishes. When the day is done, we’ll hop back in the boat to visit the town, where you can explore or add local attractions to your experience. Throughout, you’ll feel like you’re the only ones around, immersed in Mertz Island’s unparalleled beauty and tranquility.

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